The Verde Valley is host to many vineyards and wineries. The climate of the Page Springs area, cool nights with warm days (during the growing season) and the sloping hills, creekside estates and beautiful rustic appeal have helped to make it one of the premier wine tasting areas of the Valley. Trek out of the Page Springs area, though, and you will find grapes growing in Cottonwood, Jerome and Camp Verde. There's a great variety of grapes being grown in this region including Cab Franc, Syrah, Zinfandel, Malvasia and even a relatively unknown grape, Cab Pfeffer.

For a tasting trail, be sure to download the map provided. It's a beautiful drive. Be prepared to relax, enjoy the scenery and the company and above all savor the great wines!

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Alcantara VineyardAlcantara is a dream venture created by Owner Barbara Predmore. Barbara and her husband Bob started the vineyard to provide their family and partners the opportunity to work and develop a vineyard community and winery, making wines that are comparable to the best of California and Europe. Barbara had spent four years of research and diligence using the best consultants from the University of Arizona and UC Davis, as well as support from her family at the noted Martin-Weyrich Vineyards in Central California. Alcantara Vineyard is perched on 87 acres of sloping terrain off the Verde River and Oak Creek. The newly constructed Tuscan Farmhouse serves as the tasting room for hosting the many friends and guests that visit from around the globe. Please visit their website at

Arizona Stronghold VineyardsEric Glomski and Maynard Keenan purchased the historic Dos Cabezas Vineyards in early 2007 and renamed the Willcox vines - Arizona Stronghold Vineyards. They believe that the soils and climate at the vineyard stand up to the finest in the world, feeling strongly that their wines express, first and foremost, Arizona, and secondarily the grapes and hands of the vignerons involved. Their desire is to bring Arizona to the national wine stage, promoting their wines as value and quality based. They believe that great wine doesn’t have to be expensive; it doesn’t have to be pretentious; and it shouldn’t be hard to find. It just has to be great and it has to be made by people that care. Arizona Stronghold Vineyard’s philosophy is all about place, people, quality and value. Their white wine, Tazi, premiered in Spring 2008, while their two reds are set to be released in late fall/early winter of 2008. With sixty acres of actively producing vines, they are currently the largest producing vineyard in the state, although they realize that they won’t be alone for long and welcome other quality winemakers to join them in the region. To learn more about their venture, visit their website at

Burning Tree CellarsBurning Tree Cellars is the Brainchild of long time Verde Valley resident and wine geek, Corey Turnbull. Alongside friend and partner. Mitch Levy, Corey has been working to make this dream a reality for the last four years. Burning Tree specializes in small batch, meticulously maintained, boutique wines utilizing the finest available fruit sources, quality oak, patience, and a whole lot of love. Batches are kept small and wines are kept close the vest. We want to share the wines with those who seek them out. To say the least, you will not find any of these wines in your local supermarket! The 2009 Lotus and the 2009 Dragon are available now while the 2010 Peasant is slated to be released in the fall of 2011. These handcrafted wines are only available at the Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Tasting Room located in old town Cottonwood as well as the Page Springs Cellars Tasting Room located in Page Springs. and at his website:

Maynard James Keenan created this label for his northern Arizona vineyard, Merkin Vineyards. One day while sipping some fine wine on his patio in the hills of Jerome, Arizona, he realized that the climate in the area was similar to the climates where some of his favorite wines were produced. Why not grow a vineyard here? When asked about the type of wine he intended to grow, he answered, “My art and music has been described as ‘thick, dense, rich complex, engaging, emotional, and spiritual,’ by those who are fans. And an ‘acquired taste’ for those kind others who are not. “ He felt that Arizona aligned with this description and that they were a match made in heaven. “Surely these qualities will be reflected in the wine that Arizona will present to us”. (Oh, did we forget to mention he is the lead singer for Tool). His wines can be purchased at a precious few stores and at his website:

Fire Mountain symbolizes the transition between day and night, light and dark, being and vibration, as the circle of life ends and begins again. This sacred universal process and foce of change is also expressed by the vine as it digs into the earth and reaches for the sky, creating fruit from our ancestral lands that eventually fills the bottle for you. Fire Mountain Wines are inspired by emotion and connectivity through our spiritual ties to place.

Hidden away on the outskirts of Cottonwood, AZ is a small vineyard, the dream of Ray Freitas. She planted the 3 1/2 acre vineyard, located near the Verde River, in 2000 and has been tending her vines since then. The first harvests were not good enough for wine, but her 2006 grapes: Malvasia, Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot have provided the first bottling of 100 cases. Ray calls her Malvasia "Sunlight in a bottle". Freitas Vineyard produces the only Estate Grown wines, produced in the European Tradition, in the Verde Valley. Ray is currently establishing sales venues for her limited quantities of the 2006 wines and is looking forward to bottling her 2007 harvest, which will include a Petite Syrah. For more information call Freitas Vineyard at (928) 639-2149 or (928) 202-9568. Or email

An Arizona resident for 30 years, owner & winemaker extraordinaire, Rod Snapp is an entrepreneur whose roots go deep within the community, having been a chef, fireman, landscaper, publisher, developer and a founding participant in the first ever Sedona Jazz on the Rocks. His experience as a chef and long time passion for the art of cooking went hand-in-hand with fine wine and soon led Rod to his Enology/Viticulture apprenticeship and the purchase of his land. After six years of struggle and sacrifice, the dream of his own vineyard and winery was realized when Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery opened in November of 2006. For more information, please visit his website at

Deb Wahl, owner of Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery, has heard many times that “good wine grows on gentle slopes with a river nearby” which is why her vineyard is located in beautiful Sedona, across from Oak Creek. In the higher elevations of the property, they grow Syrah & Merlot and in the lower portion they produce Zinfandel & Chardonnay. There is great sun exposure and currently they have approximately 4000 plants on just over ten acres, and they’re expanding more and more every year. They produce full bodied flavorful reds and lean whites in small batches, giving individual attention to each barrel. Please visit to learn more!

At Page Springs Cellars, their goal is to create delicious wines that express the unique character of the landscape. They trust that their wines and winemaking convey their philosophies concerning family, education and living life to the fullest. Owner and Winemaker Eric Glomski feels strongly that growing grapes, making wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, brings together families and unites communities. Good wine is not strictly the esoteric fare of nobility. Wine is for the people. Not only does Eric have a vineyard in Page Springs in northern Arizona, he has a vineyard in Willcox named Arizona Stronghold. Eric’s vision is at the forefront of bringing Arizona wines onto the national stage! They look forward to sharing their passion and interest in wine with everyone. For more information—